Bluegill Fishing

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              My good buddy Tom caught some crappie and bluegill on their trip on the north end April,26th.

The Dudley's from Missouri caught a bunch of nice crappie on their trip April, 26th on the north end. The crappie still haven't spawned yet. The bluegills are moving closer to the banks.


  Bluegill fishing is my favorite. Anybody can catch a Bluegill. My favorite time to fish is July or August. It is hot but so is the fishing. I have caught has many as 65 in a couple of hours. That is culling them to. We usually just keep the big ones. Here is a picture of me and Sue one day in August when it was really hot. I have heard people say it gets to hot to fish and they don't bite. Well, them people are wrong. It might get to hot for them to fish but not for me.


                                                           This is Tom Meyers from Lou. Ky.

                                                            He has been coming to Reelfoot

                                                            for 30 years. He is a writer and

                                                              has done several article for us.