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Bob caught his bass in 2010 and Ernie from Indiana caught this bass and crappie.

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Jim Curlin caught his limit May 21,2008 fishing on the north end.


Ed Hargis caught his limit of Bass then released them on March 21









This is a couple of our guest who caught several nice bass 

Bass fishing is good in February before the spawn. A lot of them are caught in shallow water like in Starve Pond or Burnt Woods. Which is easy to get to from our North location. Latter in the summer you can catch bass feeding around the banks or duck blinds. Fall is another good time to bass fish when they feed up for winter. The peak time is early March through May.  But you can just about catch a bass any time if you know anything about fishing.

If you don't know hire a guide.  

This is Jim Curlin, Bill's nephew. He is really good at Bass fishing. He has won several local bass tournaments.







 Stacey King Bassin BlowUp Fishing VHS or DVD
Stacey King Bassin BlowUp Fishing VHS or DVD